About Us

About us

GraffInc Trades is a company based in the United States. Branching off of our first site, graffinc.com, we decided to try and bring something to the graffiti art community that it's never seen before. We have a unique line of limited edition prints that's only offered from us through our partners.

Each print is individually numbered by QR code to help any fake doctoring. Each print will be then signed by the artist allowing the consumer to own a piece of real art from the artist. Experience with marketing and after long research this is the next step in art collection. GraffInc Trades is here to take graffiti memorabilia and art to the next level..

Our history

Graffinc.com was founded as an archive style graffiti site.
The website gets a new modern look
graffitiartsupplies.com opens its doors to sell the best products hand chosen by staff at the best prices on the internet.
We stopped selling graffiti supplies and concentrated on murals and productions
Graff Inc Trades is started and dedicates sales to a more nitche market.

Graffinc.com was founded in 2001 and has well established itself as a long lasting and elite online graffiti site. The site currently lays dorminet from updates however we are working on updating the site and getting new artists and photos to archive. In 2004 graffitiartsupplies.com branched off of graffinc.com and was highly successful with selling graffiti art supplies. Started early in 2014 we offer a unique, never seen before style of collectable prints on metal.

Mission Statement

Our goal is provide a unique product for the graffiti community that promotes a way for artists to promote their talents while giving others the ability to appreciate those talents.

While providing these opportunities we want to network and create lasting relationships with our customers and the artists we work with. Quality of work and the quality of the artists are priority while providing excellent customer service.